Welcome to the Chawathil First Nation Web site. Please use our website as a resource for information on the community.

Chawathil First Nation provide many services to the community which include:  healthcare, early childhood education, dental, business services and non-profit services. 

A message from our Chief

Ey Swayel

As our community of Chawathil grows in numbers, so does the responsibility at the leadership table. Our challenges today are not only political, but vast in our right and title to the land.  The economic challenges we face as an administration are in no way diminished by the needs of our families. The education of our children is as important as their well being. The issue of health is on going, with our community taking pride in our new centre and all the activities that are offered.

The Council portfolios are a means to stay on top of issues that arise daily within our community.  The work we delve into has to reflect our commitment to our political duties as a voted voice on Council. We are aware of our role within our community, and our portfolios keep us grounded for the work to be done.

But no governance group can stay ahead of the game unless there is support and active commitment from their citizens.  Chawathil parents, employees, home owners, youth and Elders all have a role as citizens of our community. Good parenting and active role models have a strong impact on our youth.  Those who go to their jobs, within the community or out, are providing positive work ethics for their children.  An active Elders group gently demands respect and keeps the community together.  Sports and recreational activities need to be supported by adults and youth alike. Our homes should reflect the pride we have as homeowners, inside and outside.

All of our commitments as a leader,  or as a community member,  will reflect the success we share as we move forward as one.  Shared responsibility will give strength and direction in the work before us. Chief Rhoda Peters