Chief Norman

A Message From Our Chief

Chawathil First Nation is proud to announce the swearing-in of our new Chief, Chetlámetleqw Norman Florence, and our new council on the evening of Monday, September 19. This significant event took place at the Chawathil Te Lalemntset community complex, attended by over 80 people, including Chawathil band members, members from other First Nations, and invited non-Indigenous guests.

I’m looking forward to working with you this term. And working with our neighbouring nations…and I want to recognize our previous leadership, over the years, all the way to my grandfather.

Chief  Chetlámetleqw Norman Florence

Chief Chetlámetleqw Norman Florence, Vice-Chief Tim Peters, and councilors Kelsey John, Rhoda Peters, Aaron Pete, Audrey George, and Monica Florence were formally and spiritually inducted into their three-year term as our new leaders. The ceremony began with the chief and councilors preparing to take their oaths to serve Chawathil. Each member, usually accompanied by selected family members, approached our elders to present quarters as a sign of respect. During this walk, they were wrapped in blankets of significant importance to Chawathil. A sacred ceremony followed, in which our council was spiritually cleansed to ready them for their new roles. After the cleansing, the council members took their oaths, each swearing to serve and protect Chawathil, before delivering their speeches.

Chief Florence, in his first address, expressed his gratitude to the council and shared his vision for collaboration with our neighbouring nations. He also honored previous leadership, including his grandfather, acknowledging their contributions over the years.

This marks Chief Florence’s first term, succeeding Rhoda Peters, who served as chief last term. Among our council members, Aaron Pete is the newcomer.

Our councilors were elected by Chawathil band members on September 13, with voting conducted online via or in-person at the band house. Five members ran for the position of chief, and 12 members ran for the council. Florence ran for both councilor and chief, while Tim Peters, receiving the most votes for councilor, was elected as vice-chief.

Hope, BC
Hope, BC

This swearing-in ceremony is our first major gathering in two years, since the onset of COVID-19. We are excited to resume many programs and events that were paused due to the pandemic restrictions.

Chawathil First Nation looks forward to a term filled with progress, unity, and continued growth under the leadership of our new chief and council.


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