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Empowering Our Community: Chawathil First Nation Programs

Learn about the exciting initiatives, events, programs, and opportunities happening in our communities.

We offer programs that target all the domains  of health to best suit the needs of the community:

Social, cultural/spiritual, physical, emotional and mental/cognitive

  • Pre Employment Support program
  • Recreation Programs
  • Cultural Awareness

News And Events

Chief Norman

A Message From Our Chief

As our community of Chawathil grows in numbers, so does the responsibility at the leadership table. Our challenges today are not only political, but vast in our right and title to the land.

Chawathil First Nation

The History Of Our Nation

The Chawathil First Nation are situated in a resplendent mountain setting located in the Fraser Valley 140 km East of Vancouver, BC. The Chawathil people have lived in our present location for thousands of years.

Eco Friendly Road Install

Eco-Friendly Road Install

It requires less maintenance and lasts much longer than traditional concrete pavements. It was successfully installed in the Chawathil First Nation community.

We Move Forward As One


Please use our website as a resource for information on the community.

Chawathil First Nation provide many services to the community which include:  healthcare, early childhood education, dental, business services and non-profit services. 


We’re excited to announce that we will feature a dedicated section for our upcoming events. These events are integral to our culture and traditions, providing opportunities to gather, share, and celebrate together. From cultural ceremonies and educational workshops to community gatherings and seasonal festivals, our events are designed to strengthen our bonds and honour our heritage.

Our Board of Directors

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Nick Paterson

Support Staff

Alicia Anderson

Support Staff

Michael Clark

Support Staff

Stacy Henderson

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